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Gammakit is a toy programming language that takes inspiration from GameMaker Language. For examples, the example program in program.txt contains almost all the functionality that Gammakit supports.
GitHub Repo

Gammakit supports GameMaker-like objects and with() (i.e. with() is a loop).
Gammakit is dynamically typed, and arrays and dictionaries are copied by value, not reference.
The lexer unfortunately currently does not handle comments.
Gammakit allows the programmer to generate or parse and modify ASTs and compile them into pseudofunctions at runtime.

For example, the following code:

    var myf = compile_text("print(\"test\");");

    var myast = parse_text("print(\"toast\");");

    var myotherast = myast;

    def rewrite(ast, callback)
        ast = callback(ast);
            var max = len(ast["children"]);
            for(var i = 0; i < max; i += 1)
                ast["children"][i] = rewrite(ast["children"][i], callback);
        return ast;

    myotherast = rewrite(myotherast, [](ast)
        if(ast["isparent"] and ast["text"] == "string" and len(ast["children"]) > 0)
            if(!ast["children"][0]["isparent"] and !ast["children"][0]["opdata"]["isop"] and ast["children"][0]["text"] == "\"toast\"")
                ast["children"][0]["text"] = "\"not toast\"";
        return ast;

    var mycode = compile_ast(myast);
    var myothercode = compile_ast(myotherast);

prints the following output:

    not toast

Available functions:

  • print
  • len
  • keys
  • parse_text
  • compile_text
  • compile_ast
  • instance_execute (returns a value, unlike with())
  • instance_create
  • instance_add_variable (novelty)

TODO: - make keys() iterate over dict keys in insertion order
- make sure format_val does the same as the above
- make compile_ast() verify that the ast has a coherent "type" (parent, text, operator)
- make sure frames are handled coherently / add a way of declaring functions that blocks access to outer frame scopes
- foreach with syntax foreach (or for) ( $name$ in $expr$ ) $block$ operating on arrays, dicts, strings, and maybe object IDs
- forbid if-else inside an if condition's block with no enclosing braces
- turn runtime panics into internal signals instead
- give the runtime control over interpreters of its own; runtime panics will invalidate interpreters
- allow interpreters to act like generators
- add real generators, friendly with what non-programmers expect "script" to mean (e.g. an AI script, VN script, etc - changing state, returning, later coming back to where returned from)
- add bindings for input, graphics, sound
- document transformations from parse tree (as in grammarsimple.txt) to syntax tree (input to compilation process)
- investigate feasibility of grammar, parser, compiler, and interpreter hooks (limited to child interpreters)