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GC Majora's Mask Porting to N64 for Bug Fixes

So basically, I'm trying to patch MM and create a "definitive" version of the game using the GC USA rom as my base. Why the GC rom? It has restored sounds from the Jap release that were re-added in the PAL release (not full speed on it's own), reverted Zora Link boomerang mechanics (making the mini game reasonably winnable again), and the updates from the USA rom. The goal is to have restored n64 graphics for use on a real n64 via an Everdive 64, reverted censorship changes, and as many fixed bugs/mistakes as possible because I'm OCD that way.

What I've done so far:
•Z/R menu textures (credit goes to Zoinkity, since MM still has quite a few compressed textures after decompressing the rom)
•L-Targeting -> Z-Targeting references
•N64 HUD icon colors (Start, A, B)
•Textbox cursor color
•Menu highlight for "Press A to Play", Bomber's Notebook, and Song of Soaring menu select
•Menu A button texture color
•Menu screen Ocarina song colors
•Minor text spelling/color errors
•Skullkid's Jap version face
•Musical staff A button highlight
•Fixed silver/white text
•References to tilt C-buttons (start addresses shifted, needs testing)
•Accidental continue in Majora's Mask story fixed like Pal release
•A button on the musical staff
•A and B button textbox characters (OoT used color commands, MM has a default color for the text character)

What still needs to be done (and need help doing):

•Jap cow nosering
•Jap 1.1 Goht cutscene
•Top of the clocktower sound source for Skullkid's scream (USA had it as a global, Jap/GC emit from Skullkid)
•Bomber kid roof location (hide and seek game, less likely to fall off the roof in Jap version)
•Misc cutscene changes from Jap 1.1 (ex. after initial Happy Mask salesman scene, camera is to the side instead of under his legs)
•N64 boot logo


-Pick and choose textures from the VC release to add back into the rom (requires program to convert)

WIP BPS Patch (for untouched MM GC USA rom):