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  • Note: The outlet to have your content displayed to the wiki is to post said content on the forums. Same goes for getting help with hardships you encounter or general questions

This Wiki

  We had one primary thought in mind when creating this wiki, and that is to educate the masses, new or old to the scene of Nintendo 64 reverse engineering and modification. Anyway, some pages were taken directly from official documentation, some were not, and some cannot be found on the Internet and are custom in an attempt to serve as a more elaborate resource (Trying to cut back on the programm jargon) in relation to things that can be found on the net (Example, Nintendo 64 programming manuals). The developers of the Nintendo 64 manuals created it under the assumption that you have every piece of the SDK (used to create every N64 game) and in tact, which is not the case with any of us here (to my knowledge anyway). Included, they created them under the assumption that you understand computer science jargon which may not be the case for some browsers, but hardly any.

  In advance, I'd like to apologize if any of the content here is wrong. Perfection is a hard thing to come by, and it's not as if we were developers of the Nintendo 64. Some of the pages listed below relate to hardware as well as game hacking. With that said, it is a hard task to have flawless documentation as there are usually holes or non-existent content to be filled.

*DISCLAIMER: If you're upset that something you located in a game that you did not make is hosted here, then I'm sorry, but it WILL NOT be removed. Most of the content found here was done by us, anyway. A lot of sites and message boards alike will not be around forever. So we will serve as the end-all be-all resource. Moreover, our goal is not to be that of a rival to other resources on the internet, but merely to serve the purpose of being a prevalent location where all the technical information can be found, rather than having to navigate between websites.*

The legacy of .blank

  We've been around since ca. 2010; hacking and modding whatever games seemingly, arbitrarily, on a whim when we'd get bored/just felt like it. Between that and programming, .blank has a few people who know japanese; I reckon that's a notable mention. Most of us stem from the old Zelda 64 (OoT/MM) modding communities, namely: ZSO, The-GCN, spinout's Z64, etc and working on (TBT) the Beta Zelda project, and have been around, at the earliest 2005, but only a few continue to tinker/do work with the two nowadays. I (vex), at least, could be remembered for the fairly large community MaCo64, with Flotonic and Twili, and at a later date, the original En64, which I didn't take too seriously, as well as from various forums sharing information. Lee being the original maker of the teleporting and bomb arrows code, wareya for many things, far before the information and tools we have today were readily accessible.

  Moreover, we look to continue on that legacy with expanding outside being just an IRC group for 8 years with new, hobbyist or just social, lurking members.


Here at .blank, we promote free speech entirely. This includes, but isn't limited to: 4chanbaby talk

Our rules really just consist of

  • Don't claim another's modification/project as your own
  • Intentionally providing fake news/false information regarding hacking
  • The obvious one, spam
  • No fucking posting roms, child pornography, and the obvious
  • NOJ contacts aren't allowed on this website

Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you around. Happy hacking!