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Here we have weapons/medals/items codes. I have NO IDEA why these guides aren't out in a more public area than a hidden "faq" section of a website dedicated to general video game hacking.

Have Weapon/Item codes

  If you wanted a code that gave you a weapon or an item, you would first take one readout without having the weapon/item, then a second with it. When you compare, choose "greater than". The first quantifier SHOULD be "0000" and the second "0001". If not, the second could be "0002/0004/0008/0010/0020/0040/0080/0100/0200/0400/0800/1000/2000/4000/8000". The reason it would have so many is the game uses the switches(described earlier). Only the switches are represented in hex. You need a little luck when hacking a code like this.

Activate In-Game cheats

  For a code like "Activate In-Game Cheats", you will take one readout without the cheat active, and the second with the cheat active. The quantifiers should read, "0000" & "0001". Good Luck

Character Modifiers- (submitted by Gold64007)

  1. Select a character, start the game.
  2. Push the freeze button and start an Unknown Value search.
  3. Change to a different character, start the game.
  4. Now do a "Different to" search.
  5. Change some other aspects of the game (other than your character) (example, health, place you are in, depending on what kind of game it is).
  6. Now search for "equal to".
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 until you get a manageable amount of results (20 or less).
  8. After you have a manageable amount of results, get into the view valid cheats screen. Now activate the codes one at a time until you find the character modifier.
  9. Now in the view valid cheats screen highlight the Character Modifier code on the right side of the screen and push the Right C button to edit the value of the code put in "00" which is probably the first value that will work (though it could be higher).
  10. See which character "00" corresponds with, write it down.
  11. Now change the value to "01," see which character you have.
  12. Repeat step 10, adding 01 each time until there is no effect.

Hacking P2 Controls CPU Codes (by HyperHacker)

  This only works for a game where P2 can normally play and in 1 Player mode the CPU takes control of them.

  1. Start up a game with Player 2 playing, search for 1.
  2. Go to the same level in 1 player mode, search for 0.
  3. Keep doing this until you find a few, set to 1 and the computer should stop (or not do anything in the next round). Set to 0 and in 2 player the computer should take over.

If that doesn't do it, switch the 1 and 0, and if it still doesn't work just do Equal/Different searches. some games like to use funny numbering/flags. (ahem, Mario Kart)